Call for Innovators

The summit is an exciting opportunity for new entrepreneurs to win a chance to present your Longevity Innovation to Investors and Industry Leaders at 2024 Longevity Med Summit in Lisbon, Portugal. Submission will be judged by a heavy-hitter group of international CEOs, Business Leaders and Venture Capitalists in the Longevity industry, culminating in the “Global Longevity Med Summit Award”.

Please provide us your informations.

Please reply the questions.
1. Please share the background of your company. When was it founded? How many employees are there?
2. Who is on founding team? Please share names / titles and include brief backgrounds. State if you have founded a start-up in the past.
3. What problem does your product solve / address?
4. Please share your company´s elevator pitch.
5. What is your business model?
6. What stage is your product in? Are you generating revenues? Are you currently raising capital?
7. Do you have registered patent? Have applied for one or believe that the technology is patentable?
8. Who are your main competitors and how do you differ from them? Include relevant information or competitors and their market share.
9. What is your market potential? Which aspect of the Longevity sector does it impact?
10. Please provide a hyperlink to an online company presentation (required). You can also provide additional links to other relevant resources, such as a company one pager.