Science Shows Clinique La Prairie´s Anti-Ageing CLP Holistic Complex Works

The swiss-based Clinique La Prairie is regarded as one of the leading lights in preventive medicine and has benn in existence for more than 90 years. Unlike many of the here today, gone tomorrow brands that make all manner of overblown claims, the swiss clinic has built an enviable reputation upon its long-standing results. 

The Clinic has a team comprising of around fifty specialists, all using the latest technology. In what will come as excellent news for those scarcching to slow down the onslaught of time, a new scientific study has now proven the anti-ageing effects of its proprietary CLP Holistic Complex contained within its food supplements in a laboratory setting.

One of the significant contributors to ageing is something called oxidative stress. We´re quite sure that some of you will recognise the words but perhaps aren´t sure that it is. Oxidative stress occurs when there is an imbalance between reactive oxygen and nitrogen species, these are known as RONS. Ageing is due to the accumulation of RONS-antioxidant therapy could be an essential factor in preventing ageing, and this one of the key elements in Clinique La Prairie´s anti-ageing food supplements.

CLP Holistic Complex and Age-Defy formula

CLP Holistic Complex is the core ingredient in Clinique La Prairie´s Holistic Health supplements. The complex has been proven to have a protective effect on the telomeres, a region of repetitive DNA sequences found at the end of chromosomes. 

Oxidative stress can result from various factors, including pollution, a poor diet and lifestyle. Not is it a factor in ageing, but it can also lead to disease and chronic inflammation. The role of telomeres is to protect the chromosomes from deteriorating. 

The telomeres form a cap at the end of each chromosome, which can shorten over time due to oxidative stress. It is that contributes to ageing as once the telomeres reach a critical length, they are unable to divide and replicate, resulting in a lack of cell repair, which could cause tissue and organ deterioration. The way forward is to slow down the rate of telomere shortening, which in turn, will help to delay the ageing process. 

How science has proved the anti-ageing properties of the CLP Holistic Complex life length laboratories conducted an eight-week laboratory study to investigate the protective effects of the CLP Holistic Complex on telomeres. The CLP Holistic Complex was tested on human cells (primary fibroblasts) to investigate how it affected telomere length. 

The study showed that telomere shortening associated with cell ageing was much slower in cells treated with CLP Holistic Complex when compared to the control group. Therefore, the study concluded that using Holistic Health supplements as part of a healthy lifestyle can mitigate the negative effects of ageing and contribute to longevity. 

Managing oxidative stress and telomere loss with a healthy lifestyle 

Nutritional supplements are among the very best tools to help reduce the rate of telomere loss when combined with a diet rich in antioxidantes and anti-inflamatory agents such as plant protein, healthy fats and polyphenoes, as well as exercise, sleep and managing stress. 

The CLP Holistic Complex and Age-Defy formula 

The CLP Holistic Complex is the core ingredient of Clinique La Prairie´s range of swiss-made nutritional supplements it targets the five pillars of Holistic Wellness at a cellular level by contributing five potent bioactives: 

  • Synerithin: immune-protection, anti-inflammatory responses, environmental shield. 
  • Neuromics: stress reactivity, mood balance, cognitive performance. 
  • Niehanyl: rejuvenation, stress relief, multi-purpose body balance, longevity. 
  • Immucel: natural immune system, gut balance. 
  • Fixentin: reduction of inflammation, contribution to cellular health, healthy ageing.

Clinique La Prairie´s Age-Defy Supplements

In Clinique La Prairie´s line of nutraceuticals using the complex , AGE-DEFY is the ultimate supplement for longevity, offering a 2-step routine of immunity and regeneration as the first line of wellbeing.

Combining two supplements, Regeneressence and Immunity, the routine addresses cell regeneration, anti-inflammation and antioxidant protection to support a long and healthy life. The morning immunity blend incorporates high-performance antioxidants, actives, vitamins and the patented compounds Cavacurmin and BetaVia to support defences.

The evening Regeneressence formula features a powerful combination of essential vitamins, antioxidants and the breakthrough patent FruitFlow to contribute to cellular protection and stimulation. 

Simone Gibertoni, CEO at Clinique La Prairie, comments: “For over 90 years, Clinique La Prairie has studied the mechanisms of longevity to help people live fuller for longer. The results of our latest study, in partnership with Life Length Laboratories, prove the efficacy of our CLP Holistic Complex, developed by our team of life-science experts over years of innovation.

“The importance of protecting telomores to promote longevity cannot be overstated. Those who want to fight the effects of oxidative stress and ageing on their cellular functions can now do so with our Holistic Health supplements, and primarily with AGE-DEFY.”