Lisbon, Portugal - May 8 - 9, 2024

Dr. Sofia Couto da Rocha

Chief Transformation Officer & Head of the virtual client, Lusíadas Saúde, Lisboa, Portugal

Sofia Couto da Rocha leads innovation and digital transformation as Chief Transformation Officer & Head of the Virtual Client at Lusíadas Saúde, a Portuguese group in the health sector, part of Vivalto Santé. 

She is a MD with long-standing experience in the field, she completed her MBA at The Lisbon MBA, a minor in Political Science from NOVA and a BA in Design in London. After earning a scholarship for the IWI at MIT engineering Boston and one for Clinical Research from Harvard Medical School, she focused her research in innovation and technology for healthcare. Awarded in Biotechnology, Leadership and Digital, one of the latest being the Global Impact Challenge of Singularity University, which made her last startup kick off in Silicon Valley at the NASA Campus. Recently awarded the SAGES Clinical Services 2021 Shining Bright and project owner of Lusi who won the Digital portuguese award for healthcare project. 

She was the president of the IT commission of the initiative Health Parliament Portugal for 3 years, being currently, and for 6 years in a row, Medical officer at Patient Innovation and Untech, and a member of the Commission for information Technologies of the National Medical Council. As a fighter for equal opportunities, she was invited to be part of the women Leaders global forum, beginning in 2018. 

Nowadays, teaches about innovation and new technologies applied to healthcare in three different universities in Portugal. At the 2023 Longevity Med Summit, Sofia will introduce the talk about How is healthcare embedding “new” technologies? How is functional medicine changing the future of mankind?

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