Stephanie Dainow

Executive Director, (Lifespan Extension Advocacy Foundation), Seaford, NY, US

Stephanie Dainow is Executive Director at [Lifespan Extension Advocacy Foundation], a US based non-profit accelerating biomedical technologies that will increase healthy human lifespan through responsible journalism, research funding, advocacy, education and decentralizing aging research. She is also a Business Mentor to SOSV’s IndieBio venture fund and accelerator, consulting deep tech startup founders on business development and strategy, fundraising and executive leadership.

Previously, Stephanie was with Singularity University in Silicon Valley working across their Innovation Consultancy, Tech Think Tank, University for the Future, and Impact-based Startup Incubator. She also worked for a global management consultancy as a Life Sciences Business Manager and served as Account Director for BioMarin Pharmaceutical. Her early career in NYC spanned global growth for Interpublic Group’s media arm, celebrity and brand marketing, and commercial entertainment.

Stephanie has volunteered around the world and previously held an Advisory Board position at a 501c3 that inspires Harlem youth to pursue STEM careers. She is passionate about empowering leaders to think differently about emerging technologies, disruption, and the future of corporate business.

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