Lisbon, Portugal • May 4-5, 2023

Vicente Mera, MD

Senior Physician Consultant, Head of Internal and Anti-Aging Medicine, SHA Wellness Clinic Sierra Helada Natural Park, Benidorm, Spain

Dr Vicente Mera is a Spanish senior consultant physician and specialist in Internal Medicine, trained in the Clinica Puerta de Hierro (Madrid, Spain) with more than 30 years of clinical bedside practice in different hospitals. 

Fifteen years ago, he obtained (London, UK and Melbourne, Australia) the registration (ABAARM) of de  A4A  and became the head of the Antiageing Department of SHA Wellness Clinic (Alicante, Spain). Lately, he has dedicated himself to preventing, diagnosing, and treating accelerated ageing on the clinical ground. His practical expertise includes genomics, microbiota, physical training, sleep medicine, cognitive disorders, immunotherapy, hormonal replacement, healthy nutrition, detoxifying procedures, stress management, and regenerative and revitalising medicine to give more life to years and more years to life. Instead of contempt, he looks at the eastern methods for healthy ageing treatments, mainly referred to nutrition and stress management, with great interest as a helpful counterpart. 

Dr. Vicente Mera will attend the summit as speaker at Track Session of Medicine P4 with the topic :

  • Advanced Diagnostics and Treatment in Personalised Healthy Ageing Medicine

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