Thuesday May 6th, 2025

Women´s Health Meeting

8:00 am

Registration & Welcome Coffee

9:00 am

Welcome remarks & Introduction to Socioeconomics of Women´s health - Why Women are the Key to Longevity.

09:20 am

What does womens longevity look like what does the future human look like?

09:40 am

Physiology of women´s health as she ages wrt hormone profiles.

10:00 am

Metabolics of Ageing.

10:20 am

Panel 1 - Discuss interventions and what if women live until 140yo

10:40 am


11:00 am

Mitochondrial health and How E2 affects it.

11:20 am

NAD in Women´s health

11:40 am

Cell membrane health as a woman ages

12:00 pm

Cell senescence in women

12:20 pm

Nutrigenomics in women

12:40 pm

Round-table - The Future of Wearables and Women´s health data.

13:00 - 14:00 pm

Lunch break and Networking

14:00 pm

Importance of nutrition and Microbiome in women.

14:20 pm

Stress and modulation using polyvagal theory and Role of trauma in cell ageing. Womens interpretation of trauma in cells.

14:40 pm

ADHD in women as they age and the impact on longevity.

15:00 pm

Sleep changes in women and circadian rhythms.

15:20 pm

Coffee break & Networking

15:40 pm

Weight Loss resistance.

16:00 pm

Role of BHRT / HRT in women´s longevity. Is oestrogen a longevity medication?

16:40 pm

Closing remarks and summary.

17:00 pm