Join us in Lisbon, 7 - 8 May, 2025

The Global and Leading Convention of the Longevity Clinics

The LONGEVITY MED SUMMIT (LMS) is an annual meeting where Longevity Clinics and Doctors, Pharmacists, Companies and Investors come together to learn about the latest innovations for applications in clinical practice.
LMS 2025 brings together the world’s most prominent clinics to spearhead the cutting-edge trends and scientific knowledge in the field of healthspan extension.
The Summit featuring a wide range of complimentary activities, leaning opportunities, exhibition, conferences and networking and social events. Join us in Lisbon to explore the cutting-edge of longevity and healthcare, and network with top clinics, products, biomarkers, diagnostic and technology providers from all over the world.

2024 Summit Highlights

Many delegates from 35 countries gathered to shape, debate and celebrate the future of clinics on longevity medicine.

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At LMS, delegates learn about the latest innovations, therapies, treatments and disruptions across sectors, while gaining inspiration from visionaries and collaborative conversations at the summit.

The Summit in Real Estate & Hospitality Communities

The Meeting provides you the unique opportunity to explore trends and developments on building new clinics in wellness destinations. It will bring together the most important and influential players in the fields of real estate investment and Hospitality

2025 Longevity Med Summit Logistics

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