The Venue

The venue of the 2025 Longevity Med Summit has an exceptional location in the downtown area. The venue – Pavilion Carlos Lopes is located at the beautiful Parque Eduardo VII (Edward VII Park) near the main hotels and offers good accessibility and transport links of Lisbon.

The venue is surrounded by leisure options, tours and close to many stores within a 15-minute walk of the Lisbon´s main avenue for luxury shopping located at the Avenida da Liberdade that connects Marquês de Pombal and Restauradores Square. 

From the Venue is possible to walk and visit the city at this season of year, May 2025, when the weather is very pleasant, experiencing the spring period with temperatures between 19 to 23 degrees on sunny days and when at night it is around 9:00 pm .

Parque Eduardo VII

Edward VII Park (Portuguese: Parque Eduardo VII) is a public park in Lisbon, The park occupies an area of 26 hectares (64 acres) to the north of Avenida da Liberdade and Marquis of Pombal Square in Lisbon’s city center. Here at the Park is located the Venue Pavilhão Carlos Lopes where the Longevity Med Summit will take place.

Pavilhão Carlos Lopes

Av. Sidónio Pais 16, 1070-051 Lisboa

Latitude 38.72915821

Longitude -9.1517116

Map to get there