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May 7 - 8, 2025

Press Registration

Before filling out Press form, it is necessary for Communication professionals to access all information on procedures related to the same Accreditation.

Media professionals have the possibility to carry out online accreditation prior to Longevity Med Summit, using the press form on this site.

After online accreditation, it will also be necessary to present a document attesting that work or collaborate in a communication vehicle (letter from director, business card issued by magazine, newspaper, or articles published).

Incomplete requests without filling in all the fields of the form, will not be considered as valid, so they will not receive any response. Our press accreditation services will communicate the results of the accreditation request to the Media up to two weeks before the event in writing.

If the accredited professional is unable to attend the event, he/she must communicate this fact up to seven days before the opening of accreditation to the Accreditation Service

Acreditations are granted on a personal basis and cannot be transferred, so they can only be collected by the respective holders. Documents of any kind will not be accepted for collecting credentials from third parties.

Websites and Radios wishing to provide video coverage of the event must apply for accreditation to the Event Organizer via email The same applies to all sites that intend to broadcast video footage of the event, whether direct, deferred or summaries. 

A maximum of three representatives per press agency (Journalists and/or photographers) will be accredited by means of registration in the online form or by written communication to the email Websites are only entitled to a journalist’s credential.

Representatives from advertising agencies, public relations, marketing or sponsors will not be credited as “Media”.

  1. Formal request for accreditation can be made by company’s email, to be sent to the email:;
  2. Online accreditation form allowed as long as duly completed;
  3. Name(s) of the representative(s) who will cover the event will need to be identified in advance;
  4. The role(s) of the representative(s);
  5. Information about the publication, such as periodicity. In the case of Websites, the information to be provided must relate to unique views and visitors;
  6. A contact telephone number;
  7. Failure to complete the data on the press accreditation form makes the Application irrelevant and causes it not to be considered.

Please check and confirm: