The pharmacy as a longevity hub: an ancient tradition getting ready for the future

Alessandro Portolan

Scientific Knowledge Development & Health Methods Innovation Director
Unifarco S.p.A. – Italy

Alessandro is Pharmacist and Head of Scientific Knowledge Development and Health Methods Innovation for UNIFARCO S.p.A., ITALY.

Specialisation in Safety Assessment of Cosmetics (Vrjie Universiteit Brussels – VUB), Sport Nutrition Specialist (International Society of Sport Nutrition), Intensive Training in Strategic Coaching (Centre for Strategic Therapy, Nardone School).

He worked as R&D, Safety Assessor, Regulatory affairs Industrial Scale-up processes and QC Lab Manager. Currently Director of  UNIFARCO’s Scientific Knowledge Development Department of the Pharma Health Institute (Scientific School based on functional medicine model), Mylab (Scientific communication) and Pharma Health Methods (precision analytics devices Innovation). 

Alessandro Portolan | Unifarco S.p.A.

The pharmacy as a longevity hub: an ancient tradition getting ready for the future

The pharmacy has all the characteristics of being a highly specialized longevity hub. Strengthened by its ancient heritage and the presence of a key figure for people, the pharmacist, it has all the characteristics of being a first point of consultation and a pivot between clinics, hospitals and citizens to promote a preventive and personalized health approach. Since 1982, Unifarco has developped a way to reach all objectives for longevity that allow italian and European pharmacy to be prepared on it. Our complex model combines precision training, precision analysis and precision products. Recently, according to scientific nutritional guidelines, we have laid down a low-carb and anti-inflammatory food to control metabolic parameters and weight management. Thanks to a strong R&D department, scientific communication and training, collaboration with European hospitals, universities and opinion leaders, focused on aging and longevity , as UNIFARCO, they constantly strengthen their model of continuous improvement.