Lisbon, Portugal - May 8 - 9, 2024

THE LONGEVITY BEGINS IN CHILDWOOD: The harmony between our brain, gut and liver in terms of nutrition and intoxication with heavy metals

Alina Epure

Alina Epure, PhD, MD, Founder of Nutribalance Well SRL, Bucharest, Romania

Alina Epure, Doctor of Medicine, specializing in Biochemistry of Nutrition, Nutritional Therapist, Health Coach Practitioner, member of ESPEN, member of The Nutrition Society, graduate of Amen University developed the Nutribalance concept in Romania. Nutribalance is a nutrition concept that aims to help people lead a
balanced life, to be in their best shape, to invest in longevity through the synergy between nutrition, nutrigenetics and epigenetics. Education in Nutrition, developed by Dr. Alina Epure, lays the foundation for longevity, primarily through the impact of nutrition on mental, physical and emotional health.
Personalized medicine, practiced by Dr Alina Epure, with over 15 years of experience in the field of biochemistry and longevity medicine, using the latest technologies and novelties from the scientific medical world, represents the start for MIND – BODY – SOUL harmony. Dr. Alina Epure’s mission is to dynamically connect the most advanced theories of nutrition and health with the real needs of people, providing personalized solutions tailored to a modern lifestyle, defining health as a top-tier wealth that we invest in every day throughout our lives with the behaviours we adopt in our relationship with food, physical activity, sleep, and emotional well-being. Her collaborations with prestigious medical clinics such as Palazzo Fiuggi, Viva Mayr, Life Co, as well as with specialists from Romania, such as Prof. Dr. Constantin Dulcan, Prof. Dr. Pavel Chirila, and Prof. Dr. Dan Mircea Cheta, have been accompanied by the love, joy, grace, gift, passion, and simplicity with which Dr. Alina Epure rewrites the path to health and longevity for each patient.

THE LONGEVITY BEGINS IN CHILDWOOD: The harmony between our brain, gut and liver in terms of nutrition and intoxication with heavy metals

Dr. Alina Epure will present the results of her studies made on her patients, during her activity in longevity medicine field from more than 10 years. She worked in colaboration with 3 of the most important Medical SPAs from Europe and the medical nutrition is her passion from more than 25 years. The study of Dr. Alina aims to determine the correlation between the eating habits since childhood, presence of heavy metals with intoxication potential (mercury, aluminum, arsenic), increasing the values ​​for the omega 6: omega 3 ratio, decreasing the concentration of omega 3 and their impact on our health, especially on our brain, gut and liver, the key on our longevity, in terms of lifespan and healthspan. The use of an integrated protocol, developed by an interdisciplinary team, based on results of the nutrigenetics test on saliva, blood tests, customized nutrition program and a treatment plan, is also an objective of her study.