ANI BIOME – a revolutionary platform provides personalised guidance for a journey towards vitality

ANI BIOME – a revolutionary platform provides personalised guidance for a journey towards vitality

Ani Biome™ – a BioAgeTech and Croatia-based company founded by Nika Pintar and Bruno Bale is also a Longevity-driven company creating daily rituals for the gut microbiome including the world’s first organic fermented microdrinks.

Ani Biome focuses on a stomach-centric approach aiming to enhance vitality through the gut microbiome, was presented at the Startup Showcase provided by 2023 Longevity Med Summit.

The concept behind Ani Biome is to collect data from different sources about your individual and unique microbiome, health status, biological age, and lifestyle. The data is then integrated, and a prediction is made on improving your overall health and wellness by developing a custom-made approach to reduce overall inflammation in your body significantly.

Ani Biome partnered with established third-party labs and use multiple data sources to find the best fermented microdrink combination for you and your microbiome. A simple daily ritual for a new approach to gut health and longevity.

Ani, is a revolutionary platform that provides personalised guidance to Clients on their journey towards vitality. Through the use of non-invasive diagnostics, including daily psychobiosocial questions, tongue and skin scans, and wearables data, Ani gathers a comprehensive view of the Client’s health status. Ani then leverages cutting-edge AI algorithms to create a personalised AgeBiotics monthly plan that consists of wide-spectrum metabolites produced through Ani Biome’s multi-level methodology of fermentation.

Nika Pintar, CEO of Ani Biome

Informs that the company is also commited to advancing the “food as medicine” revolution. Nika Pintar says “We plan to form partnerships that expand our reach and foster meaningful collaborations for scientific advancements. With the potential to attract investment and scale operations, this represents a significant opportunity to boost our business. Furthermore, participating in this cohort will accelerate our growth and enhance our capacity to impact individuals’ well-being significantly.”