AVEA Life - The impact of collagen on healthspan

AVEA Life - The impact of collagen on healthspan

Ave Life from Zug, Switzerland exhibited at the 2023 Longevity Med Summit to show its healthy ageing and rejuvenation solutions to help customers feel invigorated, vibrant, and youthful for as long as possible.

Founded in 2021 by Pascal Rode, Sophie Chabloz and Teresa Budetta, the Avea Life is a supplement company with a focus on evidence-based science and healthy longevity. A first-of.its-kind supplement range, Avea Life´s formulas are created by scientists in Switzerland using the finest ingredientes to control the body´s response to ageing, in turn improving energy levels.

The Avea Life launched its first products in February 2022. The company claims its first formulation provides a synergistic blend of ingredients that reflects the latest research in ageing and health span.

The Co-founder and scientist Sophie Chabloz said: “Long-term health is an investment, not an expense. Next to a balanced diet, regular exercise, hot and cold therapy and quality sleep, a longevity supplement regímen is essential to support and optmise the healthy ageing process.”

Metabolism and cognitive function. It all comes down to a handful of next-gen ingredientes, such as NAD+, a nutrient that studies show levels off as we age, contributing to an overall lack of vitality.


The interest in the nine hallmarks of ageing is no longer limited to the corridors of science labs, and intermediate fasting, exercise and healthy living are not enough for some people. As a result, the longevity supplement industry is growing. Products like NMN – Nicotinamide mononucleotide is a precursor to NAD+, the essential coenzyme and key metabolite found in every cell of the human body – are increasingly popular. Supplement start-up Avea believes it can optmise long term health as well as slow and even reverse some of the signs of ageing with its products.