Buchinger Wilhelmi presents its FASTINGBOX at the next Longevity Med Summit

Buchinger Wilhelmi presents its FASTINGBOX at the next Longevity Med Summit

For more than 100 years, the Buchinger Wilhelmi clinics have helped to improve people’s mental and physical health. Its holistic concept is based on the therapeutic fasting method developed by its founder Dr. Otto Buchinger. The time of their guests spend in the clinic is a healing, beneficial and transformative experience – a sense of wellbeing many of them would like to take home with them.

This is how Buchinger Wilhelmi came to up with the idea of offering a similar experience for their patients at home. The FASTINGBOX contains selected products for a 5-days-experience for those who want to repeat a reset during the year at home and also those who have never experienced a longterm fast and would like to have a first try. Specially for those who have never done a longterm fast the box is linked to an extense Userguide and App to provide them with a detailed guidance by fasting experts.

This year, they achieved two further milestones at Buchinger Wilhelmi: The clinic on Lake Constance celebrates its 70th anniversary, and the clinic on the Costa del Sol its 50th – They have carried out numerous scientific studies and published a great number of articles and books. And, most importantly, lots of happy, satisfied patients have fasted with us – and enjoy coming back here again and again.

In the meantime, more than 200 employees in Marbella and 350 in Überlingen ensure that their guests always feel they are in good hands. The clinics are havens for recuperation and personal growth.

Even today, the Buchinger Wilhelmi programme is based on three traditional dimensions of fasting: the medical and physical dimension (medically and therapeutically supported, scientifically proven, tailored to the individual), mental and spiritual inspiration, and interpersonal interaction and intercultural encounters.

Dr. Otto Buchinger defined the medical and spiritual dimensions. His daughter Maria Buchinger Wilhelmi developed the third dimension of warm-hearted, interpersonal communication. Together with 24 doctors, the descendants of Dr. Otto Buchinger are continuously honing the Buchinger therapeutic fasting method – for the good and the health of more than 7,000 guests from 60 countries each year.

At the Longevity Med Summit Buchinger Wilhelmi clinic will welcome you and share its vision on fasting and Longevity therapeutics. See you in Lisbon!