Exploring the Link Between Oestrogen-Related Conditions and Gut Microbiota

Catarina Veiga

Specialist in Microbiome and Integrative Functional Medicine, Portugal

Catarina Veiga is driven by a profound passion for individualized and optimized health and by empowering people through knowledge. Her approach to health is rooted in a holistic perspective, where she delves into the core of ailments with an integrated methodology. She believes that true health is built upon the fundamentals of optimized health. Her expertise lies in developing personalised action plans tailored to each individual’s unique needs and circumstances. These comprehensive plans encompass optimizing sleep patterns, dietary choices, digestive health, microbiome balance, central nervous system flexibility, emotional well-being, and the assessment and management of biomarkers.
Catarina is also dedicated to establishing sustainable routines that lead to an overall state of well-being and health optimization. Catarina’s journey in the field of healthcare commenced with her completion with honours of a 5-year training program at Nanjing University in 2005. This marked the beginning of her clinical practice, which provided her with invaluable experience. Throughout her career, she had the privilege of working closely with psychologists and psychiatrists, solidifying her belief that health transcends the mere absence of disease. She views health as a holistic state of well-being that extends its positive impact from individuals to their immediate surroundings and communities, touching every facet of their lives. She works with other health companies, developing tailored support plans for high-performance athletes, and creating and developing a comprehensive microbiome interface for an A.I. functional testing company, translating microbiome raw data into information users can understand and take action on.
She studied functional blood chemistry and functional nutrition and as a mother, she expanded her knowledge with a specific focus on Functional Pediatric Nutrition.

She also studied Psychology at the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Lisbon, and Neurobiology at Chicago University, and earned a postgraduate degree in Sign Language For Health Professionals at the Medical Faculty of Lisbon. Currently, Catarina is fueled by an unwavering passion for gut health, and she’s actively pursuing a postgraduate degree in Microbiome Modulation. She firmly believes that the foundation of true health and well-being begins within the intricate interplay of trillions of microorganisms and nervous cells that constitute our second brain. She runs her own practice, publishes articles and speaks at health events while building her own academy for democratizing health access and providing power through health education for everyone. 
Catarina Veiga | Medicina Funcional Integrativa

Exploring the Link Between Oestrogen-Related Conditions and Gut Microbiota

There is an intricate relationship between oestrogen-related conditions and gut microbiota. Oestrogens undergo a complex detoxification process in the body, passing through three phases in the liver, intestines, and bladder. However, a critical aspect of this process involves glucuronidation, a pathway that renders oestrogens more water-soluble for excretion but can be disrupted by gut microbial enzymes. The objective is to highlight the pivotal role of glucuronidation in oestrogen metabolism and its potential impact on sex hormone dysregulation, liver congestion, weight regulation, and inflammation. The importance of considering oestrogen excretion alongside metabolism must be emphasized, as overlooking this aspect may lead to unanswered questions in patient management. By examining the interplay between oestrogen metabolism and gut microbiota, healthcare practitioners can gain valuable insights into addressing oestrogen-related conditions effectively.