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The Longitudinal Health Revolution: Uniting Genetics, Functional Lab Tests, and 21st Century Hi-Tech Tools to Unlock Personalized Resilience and Prolonged Lifespan

Chris Moore

CEO Nordic Group ApS, Copenhagen, Denmark

Chris Moore, For 25 years the CEO of Nordic Group a healthcare group of companies based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Chris is an enthusiastic health technology investor, a biohacker, and a lover of life. 
A fervent advocate for personalized medicine and healthcare reform, Chris Moore is the Co-founder and CEO of the Nordic Group established more than 25 years ago, a cluster of organizations committed to changing the global healthcare narrative. Born in the UK, Moore moved to Denmark in 1994, sparking a career that would pioneer the advancement of personalized medicine across the world.
Moore’s journey with the Nordic Group began with the establishment of Nordic Laboratories, Europe’s first fully-focused functional medicine laboratory. Today they serve doctors and patients in more than 80 countries across the globe. In 2002, Nordic Clinic was born, growing into a network of seven clinics across Europe. Over the years, the Group’s influence has extended to various health innovation companies, including nutritional supplements from Nordic Health; genetic testing from dnalife; focus on resistant bacteria at Resistomap; human implants to measure health metrics at Dsruptive; screening breast tissue using infrared light developed by Thermocheck; and high-end organic foods from Functional Future.
At the heart of Chris Moore’s vision is a passionate belief in the importance of addressing the biochemical individuality of each person. He emphasizes that N=1 — every individual is unique, and healthcare should reflect this. Moore advocates for a model that incorporates genetics and biochemical markers to optimize health, paving the way for more personalized and effective healthcare solutions.
This philosophy has driven his keen interest in the biohacking trend and longitudinal human performance data. He firmly believes in understanding and enhancing our bodies’ performance before the onset of symptoms to mitigate disease. He champions the use of innovative technology and data collection to gain insights into the body, applying these principles in his personal life too.
For over 25 years, Moore has meticulously gathered data on himself. With various implants measuring his body’s performance, daily hyperbaric chamber sessions, and an assortment of nutritional supplements, he constantly experiments with ways to enhance his well-being. Committed to an organic diet and intermittent fasting for 15 years, he is a living embodiment of the healthcare model he promotes.
Inspired by his personal experience and professional expertise, Chris Moore is confident that we possess the knowledge to live disease-free until 100 with a much slower aging curve. His work is not only redefining the healthcare industry but also encouraging individuals to take control of their health, fostering a global culture of well-being and longevity.

The Longitudinal Health Revolution: Uniting Genetics, Functional Lab Tests, and 21st Century Hi-Tech Tools to Unlock Personalized Resilience and Prolonged Lifespan

The Longitudinal Health Revolution combines genetics, functional lab tests, and hi-tech tools to unlock personalized resilience and prolong lifespan. Chris Moore, CEO of Nordic Group, explores the transformative potential of integrating these resources. By leveraging longitudinal health data, we can enhance well-being from conception and throughout life. Join us on a journey towards personalized longevity and discover the possibilities of longitudinal healthcare .