Endogenous Stem Cell Mobilization

Christian Drapeau

CEO and Founder of Kalyagen

Christian Drapeau is a stem cell scientist, author and creator of the first stem cell supplement. He holds a graduate degree in Neurophysiology and has been involved in medical research for 30+ years, the last 20 specifically dedicated to stem cell research. The author of 5 books, including the best-selling “Cracking the Stem Cell Code,” he has published dozens of scientific papers on brain research and a biological process he coined called “Endogenous Stem Cell Mobilization”.  Having lectured in 50+ countries on stem cell research, Christian is known by scientists, physicians and biohackers alike as an expert and pioneer of his field.  A scientific advisor to many companies, is currently the CEO and Founder of Kalyagen where he developed the most potent stem cell mobilizer, STEMREGEN. 
Kalyagen is a paradigm-shifting company that pioneered natural plant-based biotech products that support stem cell function and promote cellular regeneration.  Its flagship product, STEMREGEN, is the most potent plant-based stem cell enhancer that supports the body’s innate ability to repair, bringing the regenerative power of adult stem cells to anyone, anywhere.

Endogenous Stem Cell Mobilizations

Endogenous Stem Cell Mobilization (ESCM) emerges to the treatment of a variety of degenerative conditions. Simply stimulating the mobilization of stem cells from the bone marrow, therefore increasing the number of circulating stem cells available to migrate in various tissues, has been shown to be a promising therapeutic approach tapping into the potential of adult stem cells. Christian Drapeau will introduce at the 2024 Longevity Med Summit the potential and therapeutic application of the Endogenous stem cell mobilization.