Longevity Medicine and Geroscience: Potential Applications from the Literature for Practitioners

David Barzilai

MD, PhD, Diplomat of the American Board of Lifestyle Medicine, Founder and CEO, of Barzilai Consulting, Healthspan Coaching LLC, agingdoc.com

Dr. David Barzilai, MD, PhD, MS, MBA, FAAD, DipABLM is medical doctor and founder and CEO of Healthspan Coaching LLC. On X Dr. Barzilai is known as @agingdoc1 with over 25,000 followers in geroscience (aging biology), longevity medicine, and healthspan practitioners and specialists. He is also host of the Agingdoc Podcast on YouTube, which holds fireside chats with leading aging biologists and longevity entrepreneurs including Matt Kaeberlein, Aubrey de Grey, Joao Pedro de Magalhaes, Morgan Levine, Rozalyn Anderson, Nir Barzilai, and others. Dr. Barzilai’s PhD is in health services research with a strong focus in clinical research, healthcare quality appraisal interventions in the delivery of medicine, and evidence-based medicine healthcare best practices.

In addition to his training as a Diplomat of the American Board of Lifestyle Medicine and certifications in nutrition, health coaching and longevity medicine, Dr. Barzilai is also known for closely following and rigorously appraising health outcomes data in humans, and the aging biology literature. Through Barzilai Consulting – Healthspan Coaching LLC, Dr. Barzilai applies his knowledge and experience to collaboratively partner with clients towards the pursuit of optimal healthy longevity. Dr. Barzilai’s consultation and coaching services are complementary to care provided by client’s established longevity practitioner, clinic or center. His work has been featured in Longevity Technology, Lifespan.io News, Decrypt, VitaDao, and the Sheekey Science Show.

David Barzilai | CEO of Healthspan Coaching

Longevity Medicine and Geroscience: Potential Applications from the Literature for Practitioners

Longevity medicine practice, while bearing some commonalities and overlap with lifestyle medicine, functional medicine, preventative, and precision medicine, has been envisaged as a new discipline and longevity clinics and centers have flourished. Its distinctive features include a foundation in aging biology (geroscience), the application of model organism insights to patients at an earlier stage, and full deployment of technology and biomarkers of healthy aging towards health surveillance, risk mitigation and early detection and intervention. These approaches target not only ameliorating and preventing disease states, but also a healthy longevity blueprint whereby biological aging is slowed, functional decline ameliorated or partially reverted, and healthspan and performance trajectories are optimized. Longevity medicine is presently undergoing a transformation toward medicine 3.0 health paradigms leveraging new diagnostic and therapeutic technological approaches. Despite these advances, both opportunities and challenges remain for identifying and monitoring biological aging as target. In the laboratory, a number of therapies have reliably demonstrated lifespan extension in model organisms. Yet there are no clinically proven FDA-approved therapies targeting our aging trajectory. At the next 2024 Longevity Med Summit Dr. Barzilai will discuss the latest insights into promising longevity therapeutics directly from the most up-to-date cutting edge foundational and translational research. By understanding these findings, including knowns and unknowns, practitioners and centers in longevity medicine are better equipped to incorporate and apply new insights and discoveries towards better healthspan for their patients and clients.