Lisbon, Portugal - May 8 - 9, 2024

Why Sexual Health & Technology Is The Healthiest Experiment To Humankind

Dominnique Karetsos

CEO & Co-Founder, Healthy Pleasure Group, Mint Hub and GP of Amboy Street Ventures

Dominnique Karetsos is CEO and Co-Founder of Healthy Pleasure Group and MINT Hub, the first and only global companies dedicated to the Sexual Health & Technology industry (SH&T) . She co-founded the Healthy Pleasure Group in 2019, the world’s first and only professional services company dedicated to supporting the launch and transformation of Sexual Health and Technology brands and businesses and in 2023, MINT Hub, an B2B innovation hub born out of the exponential success of the Healthy Pleasure Group and the only hub dedicated to delivering social change and honest innovation across the Intimate, Sexual Health and Well-being industry.
Dominnique leverages over 20 years’ experience spanning 40+ markets, leading and working for major brands (Intimina, L’Oréal Maybelline, MysteryVibe and O’Boticario) reshaping and reengineering brand strategy for profitability. Coupled with a career-long nurtured talent for pinpointing trends and predicting market change, she has become an established authority in the Sexual Health and Technology (SH&T) industry acting as an investor, advisor and global brand expert to guide start ups, market leaders and challenger brands in increasing market share, expanding commercial channels and maximising investment opportunities. 
Notably, Dominnique has a track record working with global brands and sexual health businesses to uncover their true sources of sustainable competitive advantage. A super power she attributes to both her diverse career and the disparate formal education where she gained degrees in International Marketing and Management, Advanced Supply Chain  Management and a Masters in Maritime and International trade. 
A visionary leader, she understood early on, the market forces of this rapidly expanding sector and pinpointed the need for investment as a key driver of business growth. This led her to co-establish the first, and to this day, the only investment fund dedicated to investing in Sexual Health and Women’s Health Technology businesses, Amboy Street Ventures, where she also holds a seat as General Partner and Investment Committee.
As a force for change, Dominnique is a seasoned speaker presenting on global stages, including panels at Management Today and Women Innovation Health Summits, key notes at Sigma Health Tech, Malta, sTARTUp Day, Estonia and thought leadership talks at Women in Tech Global Summit, Paris and more. Furthermore, for three years, Dominique has served as a UN Delegate for UN Women, commission of status for women and the Future of Innovation, a humbling experience understanding the fabric of our global pain points echoed in each country’s socio-political system.

Why Sexual Health & Technology Is The Healthiest Experiment To Humankind

Sexual health is vital for well-being, dignity and empowerment. But it has been neglected, stigmatized and underfunded by society. In this keynote, Dominnique Karetsos will share how innovation, education and investment in sexual health and technology is not only fundamental to a healthy humanity but how this soon to be Trillion Dollar industry is a pioneering social and economic motors for healthy ageing.