Elena Rusyn, MD, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer, American Cell Technology, Sunrise, Florida, USA

Dr. Elena Rusyn is medical scientist dedicated to enhancing the quality and extending the length of the human lifespan. She is Board Certified in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine and has more than 8 years of experience in stem cell research and over 20 years of medical and clinical research training. She is the CSO of American Cell Technology, a company committed to tackling aging with an interdisciplinary approach and advancing stem cell regenerative medicine and research. She is a consultant, educator, researcher, lecturer and author of several publications.

Dr. Elena is academically trained as an Allergist and Clinical Immunologist. She has an M.D. from the prestigious National Medical University in Kiev, Ukraine and completed combined research and residency training that resulted in receiving her PhD in Allergy and Immunology with subspecialty in Cardiology. After moving to the United States, she continued her postdoctoral studies at UNC-Chapel Hill Radiation Oncology Department, Harvard Medical School/MGH Department of Cancer Cell Biology, Gray Cancer Institute (London, UK) and Duke University Medical Center.

Elena has spent a considerable amount of time developing an expertise in the areas of stem cell research, endocrinology, neurobiology, nutrition, lipid and free radicals research, antioxidants, along with neurodegenerative and metabolic disorders. Her work has been published in high impact peer-reviewed journals such as the Journal of Cell Biology, Oncogene, Cancer Research, Cell Host and Microbe, Nutrition and Cancer, Pediatric Research and Journal of Immunology and Allergy.

At the Summit, Dr. Elena talk about the benefits of autologous stem cell banking, stem cells and hormones connection and its applications for regenerative medicine and longevity at Track 01 sessions of Longevity Med Summit.

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