Prof. Hélder Mota Filipe

Chairman, Ordem dos Farmacêuticos, Lisboa, Portugal

Prof. Hélder Mota Filipe, PhD in Pharmacology and Licensed in Pharmaceutical Sciences. He is an associate professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Lisbon, Member of the Ethics Committee for Clinical Research, Member of the National Coordination for the Strategy of Medicines and Health Products, Member of the Committee for the Evaluation of Medicines (INFARMED, I.P.). President of the National Council for Cooperation of the Order of Pharmacists; Specialist in Regulatory Affairs (Ordem dos Farmacêuticos); European Medicines Agency (EMA) expert. He was Vice President (2005-2015) and President of Infarmed, IP. (2015-2016). Responsible for supervising seven doctoral theses and more than a dozen master’s theses and author of more than one hundred publications in international peer-reviewed scientific journals in the areas of pharmacology, experimental medicine, drug use and regulatory science.

Prof. Hélder is the Chairman of the Ordem dos Farmacêuticos is the professional public association that represents the Portuguese pharmacists and regulates the pharmaceutical profession in Portugal.

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