5G / EMF Potential impact on human health

Jürgen Seipel

Co-Founder of VIVOBASE Gmbh, Germany

Jürgen Seipel has more than 25 years of experience in technical and sales management positions and as a keynote speaker in the telecommunications industry. He has worked for industry heavyweights such as Cisco, IBM and Juniper. A contemporary witness of technological change and EMF growth (electro magnetical fields)!
Based on his many years of experience of telecommunications technologies and their potential impact on the environment, EMF can be responsible for up to 30% potential stress on the organism, which can prevent the longevity health process if ignored, he founded VIVOBASE GmbH and the Institute Dr. Rilling Healthcare GmbH together with his brother in 2017, two companies focusing on longevity health. VIVOBASE GmbH for highly effective EMF protection technologies for living beings and Institute Dr. Rilling Healthcare to support the organism in detox and in building up (strengthen/stabilize) the health situation.
Jürgen Seipel | Co-Founder of Vivobase Gmbh

5G / EMF Potential impact on human health5G / EMF Potential impact on human health

5G is now on everyone's lips. The expansion of the individual providers for their respective 5G networks is progressing rapidly. 5G is changing the world around living beings!" - Rapid technological change with a simultaneous increase in health symptoms, potentially caused by the same? - Why are EMF a potential Health problem? - Living beings as walking antennas? - Potential influence of EMF on the base system and cells? - What health concerns do experts and doctors have? - Today's radiation exposure below limits? - Are there any protection options? - How does VIVOBASE, for example, protect against 5G (also against the current technologies LTE, 4G, 3G, etc.)? - What effect does silicon have in connection with electromagnetic radiation?