KALYAGEN announces attendance at Longevity Med Summit

KALYAGEN announces attendance at Longevity Med Summit

Kalyagen is pleased to announce that it will be attending and hosting a booth at the 2024 Longevity Med Summit to introduce its first supplement STEMREGEN®. Its founder, Christian Drapeau will be speaking at the upcoming Annual Longevity Medicine Summit, regarding “Endogenous Stem Cell Mobilization”.

The STEMREGEN® is a unique proprietary blend of plant-based extracts documented to support Endogenous Stem Cell Mobilization (ESCM). Although STEMREGEN® is safe for long-term use and does not require a prescription, it has been developed specifically for doctors interested in working with the concept of ESCM.

The Kalyagen started nearly 25 years ago when Christian Drapeau began studying the aquatic botanical Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA). People consuming AFA reported benefits touching three main aspects of human health: imune and inflammation suport, and an increase in mental clarity and energy. In 2016, Drapeau used his accrued years of research and development, having investigated an extensive variety of plants, to develop Stemregen.

Since then Kalyagen has been created to market Stemregen and to continue the effort of researching plants coming from remote areas that have unique health properties.


STEMREGEN® is a natural supplement that supports and encourages the release of your body´s own stem cells. Made with unique proprietary blend of plant-based extracts, STEMREGEN® documented to support endogenous stem cell mobilization (ESCM). By taking 2 capsules every day, the body will release 5-8 million additional stem cells which repairs and maintains the health of the body.