LifeLab1 reshaping the routine of blood testing

LifeLab1 reshaping the routine of blood testing

Longevity blood tests can reveal early signs of health issues, such as inflammation, hormonal imbalances or nutrient deficiencies. Identifying and addressing these issues promptly can help prevent the development or progression of chronic conditions and improve overall health.

The LMS exhibitor “LifeLab1 enables remote blood testing, by using Dried Blood Spot (DBS) technology. This well-known for newborn screening yet innovative for regular blood testing method offers a less invasive and more convenient alternative to traditional venous blood tests without compromising on quality or accuracy.

This approach is reshaping routine blood testing, making it easily accessible whether at home, in outpatient clinics, or within hospital settings. By utilizing just a small drop of blood dried on filter paper, LifeLab1 delivers comprehensive health insights, enabling the easy shipment and storage of samples without a temperature-controlled environment.

The LifeLab1 laboratory operations are in strict compliance with ISO 17025 standards, which encompasses:

  • A team comprised of industry-leading professionals,

  • Precise and controlled management of workflows,

  • Robust internal and external quality assurance measures,

  • Strategic research partnerships fostering ongoing innovation.

  • We seamlessly integrate patient comfort with the rigor of scientific accuracy.

LifeLab1’s adoption of DBS technology is redefining not only the blood testing process but also our approach to understanding longevity. By focusing on longevity biomarkers, LifeLab1 emphasizes long-term wellness.

LifeLab1 awaits your visit at its stand located at the Longevity Med Summit exhibition hall to introduce you their services include the analysis of biomarkers critical to aging research, such as those associated with inflammation, hormonal balance, and cellular health. Analyzing DBS test results allows us to offer tailored supplement recommendations, addressing the unique personal needs of our customers. This personalized strategy is essential for potentially correcting imbalances identified through the blood analysis, and to fill nutritional gaps,  optimizing health and bolstering immunity.