Molecular Hydrogen: Unlocking longevity and enhancing Mitochondrial health

Manuel Riegner

Founder of the Surf Your Life Institute, Zurich, Switzerland.

Manuel Riegner is a medical doctor, based in Switzerland and founder of the Surf Your Life Institute, where they focus on integrating advanced life science research with practical applications and integrate them in holistic coaching programs. As a co-founder of the Lisbon based longevity center Healthy Horizon, he is deeply involved in pioneering work in chronomedicine and personalised wellbeing and longevity programs. He has been working for more than 10 years with patients and clients with stress related diseases, burnout symptoms and was responsible for building up a integrative medicine concept in one of the most exclusive clinics in the world in Zürich (Paracelsus recovery clinic). He also works as a speaker and health consultant in the field of longevity for different companies. Therefore, He is very well connected to leading researchers and companies in Europe.

Manuel Riegner | Founder of the Surf Your Life Institute

Molecular Hydrogen: Unlocking longevity and enhancing Mitochondrial health

In this talk at the Longevity Med Summit, I will delve into the remarkable potential of molecular hydrogen, an often underrated molecule, to influence longevity and mitochondrial health. The discussion will encompass various facets, including: 1. Introduction to Molecular Hydrogen Effects: Understanding the profound impact of molecular hydrogen on cellular processes and overall health. 2. Research Insights: An overview of recent research findings and studies that have explored the effects of molecular hydrogen on longevity, mitochondrial function, and cellular dynamics. 3. Mitochondrial Function Enhancement: How molecular hydrogen plays a pivotal role in mitigating mitochondrial dysfunction, promoting mitochondrial biogenesis, and regulating mitochondrial dynamics. 4. Cellular Energy Boost: Discussing how molecular hydrogen activates mitochondrial unfolded protein response (mtUPR) and mitochondrial ATP-sensitive potassium channels (MitoKATPs), contributing to increased ATP production and improved cellular energy. 5. Redox Pathway Modulation: Insights into how molecular hydrogen can modulate essential cellular redox pathways, including NADP/NADPH, to maintain cellular balance. 6. Synergy with Other Therapies: Exploring the synergies between molecular hydrogen and other longevity-enhancing therapies, such as IHHT, supplements, and nutrition. 7. Practical Integration in Clinical and Ambulant Settings: Demonstrating how molecular hydrogen can be practically integrated into clinical and ambulant settings, offering accessible and effective solutions for improving longevity and mitochondrial health. By the end of this talk, attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of how molecular hydrogen, often overlooked, can be a game-changer in the pursuit of longevity and improved mitochondrial health, both as a standalone therapy and in conjunction with other interventions, with practical applications in clinical and ambulant contexts.