Lisbon, Portugal - May 8 - 9, 2024

The Power Of Sexual Pleasure As The Key Factor For Healthy Ageing

Maria Fernanda Peraza Godoy

Urologist, Andrologist and Sexual Medicine Expert & Co Founder of HPG and Mint Hub

Dr Maria Fernanda Peraza Godoy (“Mafe”) is a renowned and leading Urologist, Andrologist and Sexual Medicine expert. She co-founded the Healthy Pleasure Group in 2019, the world’s first and only professional services company dedicated to supporting the launch and transformation of Sexual Health and Technology brands and businesses.  She is also Head of Innovation and Sexual Medicine at MINT Hub, an innovation hub born out of the exponential success of the Healthy Pleasure Group and the only innovation hub dedicated to delivering social change and honest innovation across the Intimate, Sexual Health and Well-being industry.
Mafe brings unique insight into human needs, sexology and medicine in a cross cultural context. Having studied and worked in South America and Europe,  Fellow of the European Committee of Sexual Medicine (since 2014) and an active Urologist and Clinical Andrologist, she has had access to thousands of patients. From this, she has gained an invaluable understanding of how the human mind, body and societal narrative weave together to develop a unique set of proliferating customer needs that the SH&T industry must become educated in order to develop honest innovation.
At MINT, Mafe oversees investment in expert economic, social and medical research. With her team, she invents, tests, develops and builds tangible, bespoke products across Intimate, Sexual Health and Well-being  categories working with people who want to be part of landmark innovations in SexTech.
Mafe’s life work has centered around three guiding principles; the medical, scientific and human reasons that enable or prevent people from enjoying fulfilled intimate lives. She brings a unique blend of medical, human and commercial expertise honed from her rigorous training in urology, andrology and sexual medicine as well as her experience working over the years with  Healthy Pleasure Group’s portfolio of clients from Dame, Scotch Porter, Essity, and more. As an entrepreneur in her own right, she has pioneered innovations and has hands-on experience developing sexual health products to help women and men achieve fulfilled sexual lives. 
Mafe is a respected authority in sexual health and medicine, a speaker and author of a plethora of published research papers and journals on topics including erectile dysfunction as a women’s issue, male infertility, orgasms, healthy masculinity, and the impact of COVID-19 on sex lives, to name a few.  She has also been quoted as a sexual health expert in key trade and business press including Forbes.
As well as serving as a passionate educator across SH&T industry, she also recognises the importance of investment to drive social change and behavior.  As such, she sits as General Partner on Amboy Street Ventures, $ 20 M+ fund dedicated to invest in Sexual Health & Women´s Health Technology.

The Power Of Sexual Pleasure As The Key Factor For Healthy Ageing

What if we told you that sexual pleasure is not only a source of joy, but also a key factor for healthy ageing? In this talk, Dr. Maria will explore how embracing our sexuality can enhance our well-being and quality of life as we grow older. Dr Maria will delve the current challenges and opportunities in the field of sexual health, such as the lack of awareness, education and innovation, and how the medical community can advocate for more positive and inclusive approaches.