Lisbon, Portugal - May 8 - 9, 2024

Tech-Infused Wellness: Shaping the Future of Global Spa Experiences

Martin R Goldmann

CEO of ASPA International, Faro, Portugal

Martin Goldmann, a luminary in the Wellness and Hospitality sector, embodies a four-decade commitment to shaping innovative health ecosystems. His visionary approach is exemplified through pioneering concepts such as Wellness Temples—a transformative blend of wellness, relaxation, and clinical modules that harmoniously combine the four elements of nature, the five human senses, and an innovative sixth sense.
Beyond his commitment to Wellness Temples, Martin is a fervent advocate for creating the “Spas of Tomorrow.” He believes in seamlessly incorporating technology into spa experiences, transforming them into immersive and cutting-edge wellness journeys.
In addition to his innovative concepts, Martin is a staunch proponent of sustainability in spas. His projects, including the Gulf Hotel & Spa in Bahrain (2018), Hotel Verde in Zanzibar (Greenest Spa in Africa, 2022), and The Vine Hotel & Spa Porto, reflect his commitment to reducing the carbon footprint. Martin and his team’s achievement of “The Creative Spark” award underscores their dedication to sustainable practices in spa management across diverse assets and locations. Martin’s influence extends globally, as evidenced by his engagements on prestigious platforms like HotSpa in Paris, East African Hospitality Development in Dar Es Salam, Corporate Wellness in Dubai, and the Finnish Sauna Association in Finland.

Tech-Infused Wellness: Shaping the Future of Global Spa Experiences

During his talk at the Longevity Med Summit titled "Tech-Infused Wellness: Shaping the Future of Global Spa Experiences," Martin Goldmann will delve into the transformative realm of technology within wellness. Covering topics from defining tech-infused wellness to exploring the impact of VR and AR on spa experiences, he will emphasize the benefits and challenges of integrating technology into wellness. The discussion spans immersive experiences, AI-driven personalization, and upcoming technologies, stressing the crucial balance between technology and the human touch in the evolving landscape of global spa experiences.