The role of women’s metabolic and hormone health in the future of longevity and societal well being

Mayoni Gooneratne

Founder and Medical Director of Human Health the Clinics, London, UK

I am a passionate and experienced colorectal + pelvic floor surgeon who has created The Clinic by Dr Mayoni. This is a safe CQC-registered space for women to engage in self-care without guilt. I ensure that patients are able to look after themselves inside and out. This ranges from skin and aesthetic options, allopathic and functional (root-cause) medicine solutions alongside allied health choices. My research period and time as a surgeon highlighted how important it is to support women with functional disease. I particularly enjoy helping women with their sexual and hormonal health, which has culminated in my BHRT, post-natal and pelvic floor services. I am committed to providing patients with the highest level of customer service, and my highest purpose is to restore patients’ selfconfidence and inspire them to be the best they can. My passion for wellness means I act as a Key Opinion Leader for many of the devices and treatments I offer at The Clinic.
I am co-founder and vice chair of the British College of Functional Medicine. I enjoy my patient interactions and running a business, as well as teaching and training for various providers such as Croma, Cosmetic Courses, OFAA and Aesthetic-source. I also strive for a work-life balance so that I can spend time with my husband and young family too
Mayoni Gooneratne,Founder and Medical Director of Human Health the Clinics

The role of women’s metabolic and hormone health in the future of longevity and societal well being.

We are heading for a metabolic health disaster and women are going to be sitting in the centre of it. As women enter the perimenopause, which can be as young as 35 years of age, a triad of events begin to unfold. Progesterone levels fall meaning its effects as a neurosteroid decline - women start to experience increased brain fog, anxiety, sleep changes and depression. Then declining levels of oestrogen result in reduced metabolic flexibility meaning cells are limited in their ability to utilise differing substrates for ATP production. Finally post covid living is stressful especially where we see women taking on even more roles than ever before, driving up cortisol with subsequent spiking of blood sugars all associated with insulin resistance. All of which leads to weight loss resistance as one of many downstream consequences in perimenopausal women. This maelstrom of cellular changes creates the perfect environment for metabolic diseases, namely diabetes, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer's and cancer which all have significant emotional and socio-economic consequences, at a time when women need their brains and bodies available to them to live their best lives. Therefore, if we want to improve longevity globally, we MUST improve women’s metabolic and hormone health at a personalized level as their hormones change and fluctuate.