Immune Dentistry and how the early detection and treatment of oral inflammation can boost systemic health

Miguel Stanley

Founder and Clinical Director, White Clinic, Portugal

He is the Founder and Clinical director of the globally renowed White Clinic, a Leading Dental Center of the World for over 22 years, with a large, highly qualified team that is sought out by patients from all over the world.
Dr. Miguel Stanley is the co-founder of the Slow Dentistry Global Network®, a Swiss nonprofit organization focused on improving patient experience and safety during a visit to the dentist, with members in over 60 countries.
Dr. Stanley is the Vice-President of the Digital Dentistry Society, as well as a member of many international scientific and academic organizations, and has pushed several studies and article over the years. Recognized as a pioneer in clinical implementation in many areas of advanced technology, he is a consultant and kwy opinion leader for leading companies in the industry. He has a licence to practice in the UK and Dubai, but only practices in Portugal.
Dr. Stanley is an adjunt professor at the prestigious Upenn, The University of Pennsylvania in the USA, and has given over 250 keynote presentations in more than 50 countries, on topics such as a advanced implantology, prosthodontics, complex oral surgery, aesthetics, practice management and ethics, as well as his world-famous “No Half Smiles”® work philosophy. He is one of the first dentists to ever give a TEDx Talk and the only to host a documentary on dentistry for National Geographic.
He was recently nominated one of the top 100 dentists in the world by his peers and named one of the “32 Most Influential People in Dentistry” by Incisal Edge Magazine. He is actively introducing new medical concepts and therapies at White Clinic in areas such as regenerative medicine and longevity, developing biological dentistry concepts. You can hear him on his regular podcast “Bitting into Healthcare” and find out more about his work at
Miguel Stanley, Founder White Clinic, Portugal

Immune Dentistry and how the early detection and treatment of oral inflammation can boost systemic health of

For too long doctors and dentist have had very little interaction. In the past 50 years Dentistry has evolved tremendously however, there is very little benchmark or standardization of clinical and diagnostic protocols in dentistry, and as such most dental clinics practice differently using materials, techniques and diagnostic methods that vary. Moreover, training is not standardized, and there is very little oversight in this important healthcare profession, that and effect works in one of the most important parts our bodies with direct correlation to the jaw bone marrow, also part of our immune system, as such, many patients can go through life affected by systemic health issues that may be worsened by oral pathology’s that can be naturally occurring or a result of poor quality or outdated dental treatments that many times, cause absolutely no symptoms, and go over and that many times, cause absolutely no symptoms and go overlooked the dental professionals. In this talk, Dr. Stanley will delve into the importance of proper diagnostics that include screening for all sources of low-grade chronic inflammation in the oral cavity and how to establish simple evidence based protocols that any dentist and apply to boost systemic health and improve overall of longevity”