Bridging the Gap: Integrating Luxury Hospitality with Medical excellence in Longevity Clinics

Olga Donica

Head of Innovation and Research in Longevity at Clinique La Prairie, Montreux, Switzerland

Olga’s career journey started with a nutritionist degree and led her to pursue her passion for all research and sciences related to holistic health and wellness. She joined Clinique La Prairie in 2018, focusing on fostering the innovative approach of longevity, a field that is shaped by continuous overwhelming scientific findings. She describes her mission as a challenging yet inspiring task, as well as an important responsibility. Her specific areas of expertise include weight management, detoxification approach, metabolic health, revitalization treatments and nutraceuticals. Olga explores the potential of precision medicine, nutrition and individualized plans combined with cutting-edge longevity technologies, advanced treatments, and innovative clinical approach, to continuously enhance Clinique La Prairie’s programs in collaboration with the clinic’s experts.

At the Longevity Med Summit, Olga Donica will present his lecture about “Longevity supplements are cellular enhancers” .