Philipp Gut

Head of Data Sciences and Precision Nutrition, Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences,
Lausanne, Switzerland

Philipp is Head of Data Sciences and Precision Nutrition at the Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences, which is part of Nestlé’s extensive R&D Network. Over the past years, he has led a translational research program in healthy aging that brings to life nutritional solutions for disease prevention and management of chronic conditions across the Nestlé portfolio. Current work combines biomarkers, smart nutrition profiling and digital ecosystems that enable people to take informed health and nutrition choices and help track success of personalized nutrition interventions. Philipp graduated from Heidelberg Medical School in Germany prior to postdoctoral studies on molecular mechanisms of aging at the University of California and the Gladstone Institutes in San Francisco, USA.

At the Longevity Med Summit Philipp Gut will present the lecture “Opportunities and challenges of longevity bioactives as part of F&B solutions at global scale”.

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