Apply to Speak at Longevity Med Summit 2023

We would like to collaborate with more Founders, CEOs and Researchers to create engaging content for our attendees.

Longevity Med Summit selects distinguished individuals to join the most important global conference on the business of Longevity Health and Wellness as keynote speakers, presenters, panelists, moderators and contributors. These participants come from both inside and outside of the wellness industry.

The format of the agenda consists of 20 minutes long keynote presentations, 40-60 minute long roundtables with around 10 invited speakers, and 50-minute long four person panel discussions.

We welcome applications from those who feel that they would like to make a major contribution to the 2023 Summit in Lisbon, or would like to recommend someone. Please submit your recommendation before November 1, 2022. If the Agenda Committee aproves it, we will reach out to you directly no later than December 15, 2022.

Please note that each speaker is expected to fund his or her own travel and expenses. The registration fees will be covered by the organizer. We do not pay speaker fees and at times, presenters are only selected from delegates/attendees who already registered for the upcoming summit.

If you are recommending someone or applying yourself, please complete this form and return it by clicking “Apply to Speak in 2023”. (Note that questions marked with an “*” must be answered.)

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