Role of nutrition in human quality of life and longevity

Sebastijan Orlić

PhD degree in Engineering Chemistry of Zagreb University

Sebastijan Orlić, has a PhD degree in Engineering Chemistry of the Zagreb University, field of Biotechnology, fitness instructor and certified exercise nutrition coach. Focused on the application of scientific findings with goal of promoting quality of life and healthspan as well as achieving optimal human life and sports performance.

His practice deals extensively with nutritional interventions and supplementation, exercise physiology and investigating the health impact of microbiota status and functionality.

Role of nutrition in human quality of life and longevity

The modern lifestyle characteristics are taking huge toll through skyrocketing prevalence of metabolic non-communicable diseases. Among other parameters, standard american/modern diet (SAD) and sedentary behaviour are resulting in ongoing pandemics of obesity, insulin resistance, diabetes type2, modern world. Fortunately, longevity science is evolving rapidly and today decent number of meta analysis and systematic reviews on big cohorts of humans are telling us which general lifestyle modifications and personalized nutritonal interventions efficiently increase quality of life, lifespan and most importantly - healthspan.