Thursday, May 4  | 17:20 – 17:40 | Auditorium

Supplementation with CoQ10 and Selenium in the Ageing Process. Good news or Fake news?

by Urban Alehagen, Department of Medical and Health Sciences, Linköping University, Linköping, Sweden

Background: Selenium and coenzyme Q10 are both important for optimal function of all living cells. It is known that a decreased level of either – or both – substances increases the risk for diseased patients. It is also known that the ageing process in the cardiovascular system results also in increased inflammation and oxidative stress. We wanted to evaluate if supplementation with selenium and CoQ10 could influence the ageing process of the cardiovascular system, and also mortality. 

Methods: 443 elderly community living persons were included. On top of their usual medication, if any, they received selenium 200 micrograms/day, and coenzyme Q10 200 mg/day during 4 years. The follow-up time is now 12 years. Evaluations of cardiovascular mortality has been performed. As the ageing process is complex, we wanted to cover different aspects of the process. Therefore, we performed sub-analyzes involving endothelial dysfunction, inflammation, fibrosis, and apoptosis and metabolic profiles. We also evaluated expression of microRNA and different biomarkers involved in the ageing process. Finally, we analysed the telomere length of the chromosomes. 

Results: Significant reduced cardiovascular mortality could be demonstrated in the active treatment group after 5 years, 10 years and 12 years. Highly significant differences in biomarkers for inflammation, fibrosis and apoptosis could be demonstrated. Significant differences in expression of microRNA, in metabolic profiles, but also in the length of telomeres could also be reported, and finally also regarding the “ageing” biomarkers. 

Conclusion: The supplementation with selenium and coenzyme Q10 results in significantly reduced mortality that can be seen also after 12 years. This is the result of a complex mechanism in the body, where the ageing process of the cardiovascular system is central. All pointing in the direction, that in those who are low in selenium and coenzyme Q10, supplementation could slow down the accelerated ageing of the cardiovascular system that results. Finally, we could demonstrate reduced mortality also after 12 years as a result of the supplementation with selenium and coenzyme Q10.

Friday, May 5  | 09:10 – 09:30 | Auditorium

Longevity supplements are cellular enhancers

by Olga Donica, Head of Innovation and Research in Longevity at Clinique La Praire, Montreaux, Switzerland

While aging, your metabolism gradually slows down. As a result, your body absorbs fewer nutrients and lowers cell turnover. It may need help to cope with it. Precise nutrients and actives may slow damages to chromosome, improve function of mitochondria, protein quality, and other aspects of cellular integrity. Holistic Health are longevity supplements that goes beyond basic wellness support to target the complexity of health and aging mechanisms. We´ve been able to prove that they have a protective effect: they decrease telomere-shortening rate, an important hallmark of aging.