2024 Innovation Pitches

2023 Longevity Med Summit in Lisbon brings together startups, members of the longevity venture capital, investor ecosystem interested in founding or joining a startup – all aiming to create solutions and therapies to vastly extend the healthy human lifespan.

Call for Innovators

The Longevity Innovation Pitches offers ample opportunity to connect, learn and network with the most relevant players in the field.

Innovators, do you have solutions for healthy aging that you want to put forward? Present your solutions by participating at innovation pitches.

For the selected candidates:

A 15-minute presentation
timeslot in front of a jury of experts and an audience

An enhanced visibility among potential partners and investors

A dedicated 1:1 meeting at Longevity Med Summit

The possibility to win
and be recognized as the most innovative organization of the Longevity Med Summit

2 Easy steps to participate



From May 2
until July 31, 2023


Incl. VAT

960€ Excl. VAT

To apply, the candidate must:

  • The company of candidate must be ≤ 5 years old
  • Be registered to Longevity Med Summit
  • Fill out the application CALL FOR INNOVATORS for and send it to the Longevity Med Summit organizers


Be selected by a Jury of Experts

  • The candidates will have the opportunity to be presented during Longevity Med Summit 
  • The jury of selection will give feedback and advice to the applicants.
  • The selected candidates will benifit from a dedicated 1:1 meeting space at the Summit.


during Longevity Med Summit

  • The pitchers will have a 5-minute timeslot during Longevity Med Summit to present and to highlight the most innovative aspects of their technology/product, business model and market strategy, in front of a jury of experts, potential partners and investors.
  • The pitchers will receive available feedback and advice from the panel of experts.
  • The most innovative solution will be selected by the jury of experts and by the audience.